MATmotion Silk -

MATmotion Silk

Decorative metallic finish for interiors, formulated with the “Mass Balance Approach”

MATmotion Silk is a finish for the decoration of vertical surfaces in interiors, based on effect fillers. 
When used with MATmotion Extra Matt, white or coloured to match MATmotion Silk Extrawhite or Silver, it lets you apply the chosen finish even in a single coat. 
Surfaces decorated with MATmotion Silkare covered with a pleasant effect of light and colours. This is created by the harmony and contrast between the shades achieved with the application and reflection of pearlescent pigments. 
MATmotion Silk is a true expression of Novacolor's current commitment to environmental sustainability. 
In order to reduce the "carbon footprint", MATmotion Silk is formulated with a special binder, derived from sustainable biomass, which therefore replaces fossil raw materials. 
This has been possible thanks to a technical-production method called "mass balance" certified REDcert2



Resa 8-10 m²/l for each layer
Diluizione ready to use