Archi+ Concrete - 粉状矿物灰泥, 水泥效果内外墙装饰涂料

Archi+ Concrete

粉状矿物灰泥, 水泥效果内外墙装饰涂料

Archi+ Concrete is a mineral plaster coat in powder for interiors. It is made of well-seasoned hydrated lime putties, white cement, specific aggregates and rheological modifiers carefully selected to ensure an excellent workability. The particular grain curve of Archi+ Concrete and the possibility to overlap it with one or more layers of Fase Silossanica, acrylsiloxane colour wash (matt), ensures to achieve cutting-edge elegant concrete effects, in line with the newest trends in the interior design.
Archi+ Concrete permits to achieve post-industrial concrete-look textures, with elegant soft colour washing shades. The thickness of Archi+ Concrete ensures high protection performances on the substrate where it is applied-on.



Resa 1,3-1,8 kg/sqm per 2 coats
Preparazione use 4,8–5,7 l of clean water for each sack of 15 kg of Archi+