Functionality meets aesthetics


Mi-Ku Therm, with its beautiful color palette, is a functional decorative plaster for interior surfaces, that create a natural relief on walls. A high-performance product that is athermic and anti-condensation, which means that MI-KU Therm modifies the dew point to make the surface take on a higher temperature than the substrate. Thanks to this technology, Mi-Ku Therm increases living comfort, and at the same time decorates walls with a quite unique glittering effect, with a super soft finish  to touch.

A technical product suitable for a conscious consumer, because Mi-Ku Therm is good for both the home environment and our planet; it is in fact REDcert2 certified for the reduction of Co2 emissions into the atmosphere, thanks to its production process which involves the use of renewable resources from biomass to replace fossil resources.

The BASF's Mass Balance Approach, was adopted by Novacolor in 2018 and allowed the Italian company to offer its customers paints formulated with sustainable raw materials derived from agriculture mostly, while maintaining the quality standard unchanged.