Novacolor launches the challange: colors to regenerate the world, between design and sustainability



Thanks to a strong partnership with the German BASF, the Italian company launches on the market three products characterized by high sustainability

The scarcity of the planet's resources determines new strategies in industrial production,  in which the word sustainability plays an increasingly important role. Novacolor has chosen to work with “new generation” materials and, as always to anticipate trends,  continually researching new solutions with an extreme focus on ecology and on green approach. With the products Africa, Puro and Patina Minerale Novacolor meets the challenges of ecology and sustainability, redesigning the production chain thanks to an agreement with the largest and most famous chemical company in the world: BASF. 
The two companies share the vocation to quality, the natural inclination to research and innovation, and the attention to major issues such as social responsibility and environmental protection.

Through the approach based on the Mass Balance system, signed by the German company, Novacolor offers its customers more sustainable paints while maintaining the same quality standards as ever. The goal of Mass Balance system is to reduce the emissions of CO2, with the drastic reduction of fossil resources, in favor of renewable resources coming in particular from the exploitation of biomass. Biomasses have a  biological origin: they are generally waste of agricultural activities, which can be modified through various processes, to obtain fuels or directly electric and thermal energy.
It is therefore a real revolution in the world of paints which will change not only the habits of consumers, but also the entire market by offering everyone an extra chance to contribute in a real and tangible path leading to the safeguard of the world and the welfare of its inhabitants.