Novacolor Ambassadors

The international project Novacolor Ambassadors is returning for the fifth consecutive year to reward master applicators, architects and designers who, through their work, have best interpreted the spirit and values of Novacolor.

Every year, Novacolor selects designers, architects and interior decorators from across the world, to become the protagonists of a photoshoot in Milan by the photographer Gianluca Cisternino.

2020’s Ambassadors have been captured together with the decorative panels that they have specially created for the occasion with the best Novacolor finishes. These unique pieces promote this year’s theme “The Joy Revolution” and the re-discovery of our joyful childhood memories.

2020’s Ambassadors come from various different countries: Reuben Fiteni from Malta, Javier Seijas Gonzales from Spain, Fotis Argiroupolos and Chrissa Louccetti from Greece, Roberto Manenti and Alessandro Schiavone from Italy, Catalin Mustata from Romania, Kanak Nanda from India, Zoran Petrovic from Serbia and Jorn Thiede from Germany.

Novacolor products become the means to create unique pieces that express the Ambassadors’ creativity and cultural heritage. Indeed, this year’s Ambassadors have exploited the whole range of Novacolor finishes to realize their unique works, from the natural effect of CalceCruda and Archi+Pietra to the romantic Dune, the industrial Metallo_Fuso and Archi + Concrete, as well as the new Stencil Collection.

In January, the Ambassadors arrived to a splendid location in Milan to be photoshoot by the photographer Gianluca Cisternino, whose professional images want to thank, in photographic form, those who have exalted, with great creativity, the decorative finishes of the Italian company.