Download here Leonardo and our Set-up Guide!

Leonardo (363 MB - exe)


Leonardo Set-up Guide (3.5 MB - pdf)


Leonardo, the new Novacolor tinting machine software

After four years of internal research, Leonardo is finally available. The new tinting machine software easily allows you to manage in-shop workflows, use a connected tinting machine and spectrophotometer, and directly access technical information. With the new Leonardo, you can:


manage orders by customer and keep history records, handle the different packaging units available, make a research of previously used formula;


find formula in different measurement units, that can be also independently modified using the editing window, and be directly connected to TOP-POS;


use the Paint Calculator, download Brochures / Technical Data Sheets / Safety Data Sheets, have a direct link to the selected product's webpage on

The user-friendly and attractive interface, and the constant upgrades of its functionalities, make Leonardo a unique and innovative all-in-one tinting machine software.

Mixcolor by Novacolor, a professional tinting system for the building industry

Novacolor offers to the customers an innovative professional tinting system for the building industry, that permits to achieve an infinite range of colours. Italian and international dealers, who decide to adopt Mixcolor system, turn their companies into a small factory, acquire full autonomy and are able to provide quickly the tinted material, thus offering to the clients complete assistance in a shorter time.

Mixcolor colourants are water-based, VOC and APEO free, with configuration at 16 canisters. The use of water-based colourants reflects Novacolor strategic approach: no use of solvents but water-based products and new green technologies, to respect the environment, the resourses and the company operators.

Mixcolor tinting system can be used with mineral and metallic finishes, MATmotion paints and all the siloxane coatings for exteriors.

Novacolor offers to the customs all the equipments to independently achieve the shades of our colour cards as well as custom made colours. Leonardo, available online, allows the clients to consult the archives formula specially formulated by our technicians. The archives formula are constantly updated with the development of new products and colour cards.

Novacolor technical assistance is available to quickly respond to the customer’s needs and requirements: on-site inspections, phone assistance, colour matching, etc.