Edilplast W - Anti-mould quartz paint
Pitture e rivestimenti per esterni

Edilplast W

Anti-mould quartz paint

Edilplast W is an exterior quartz paint, formulated with waterbased copolymers, UV resistant pigments and special anti-mould additives. The balanced formulation with selected charges and pigments makes of Edilplast W an highly hiding paint, easy to apply, suitable for the protection and decoration of new or preexisting plasters. The aesthetic effect is mat and slightly rough.
Edilplast W is highly recommended for the protection and decoration:
- Concrete surfaces
- New renderings or plasters
- Concrete or fibrocement prefab surfaces
- Harmed concrete


Spreading capacity 3-5 m²/l at 2 coats
Thinning dilute the first layer with 30-35% and the second layer with 15-20% of water