Novacolor at HOMI Milan with the new capsule collection "Design Pieces"

  A tailor-made collection of decorative panels with a special radiative technology to heat the surface     From the 16th to the 19th of September, at Rho Milan, Novacolor will be one of the protagonist of HOMI,  the event dedicated to design and Italian lifestyle.  This edition, within  HOMISPHERE space, Novacolor will   launch the new capsule collection “Design Pieces”, tailor-made boards decorated with the most innovative textures and characterized by an electrical radiative system to heat the surface.  The boards, decorated with Novacolor metallic finishes and traditional lime textures,can be purchased and customized according to the customer requests. Thanks to the partnership with Magister, leading company for the development and the promotion of new technologies,  the boards have an electrical radiative system to heat the surface. A perfect match between design and modern technology. The boards can be purchased in three different measures: 200x100 cm, 140x140 cm and 140x 80 cm. Like in the two past editions, Novacolor will decorate also HOMI CLASS area, the space designed by Salamanca Design that showcases the excellences of the best Italian interior design manufacturers. An elegant set up to create a “new classical” atmosphere with Animamundi and Celestia_Wall Painting as the main protagonists. The rooms within HOMI CLASS are decorated with Marblestone, Luce_Wall Painting, Visionnaire Blade, Dune e MATmotion, all of them from the traditional Novacolor finishes.    We look forward to meeting you at HOMISPHERE - hall 10 and at HOMI CLASS - hall 6, HOMI Milan Rho. 


DISCOVER DESIGN PIECES COLLECTION   NOVACOLOR PRESENTS: DESIGN PIECES TOGETHER WITH IMMURO CITY SKIN BY RI.CO. A selection of paintings with unique effects designed for the Biennale of Architecture from 23 August until 8 September   Right now Venice is the most active Italian city in terms of events focused on architecture and design. Thanks to the Biennale and its unique cultural events, Venice is gathering the most important experts worldwide. For this reason, Novacolor chose to invest and to organize an event dedicated to colors and textures.  Novacolor and San Marco Group have been partners of the Biennale of Venice for many years, with no exception for the current edition where Novacolor decorated the Venice Pavillon. Moreover, from the 23rd of August until the 8th of September, at Scuola Grande di San Teodoro, an historical building next to Rialto bridge, Novacolor will display the new collection "Design Pieces", a selection of elegant panels decorated with unique textures that create to the visitors the feeling abstract paintings.  Design Pieces is the new signature collection by Novacolor, that puts together architectural elements, like tailor-made panels, to enhance any interior space with colors and textures. Design Pieces offers an attentive selection of decorative effects, created by Novacolor color designers to perfectly match, with their versatility, any chromatic choice. True paintings on wood, decorated with modern imitations of concrete, oxidation effects as well as classical and marbleized textures obtained with a traditional material such as lime. A collection, that is meant to expand year by year, thanks to the contribution of international architects and designers. Those paintings can perfectly match the works of Immuro by Ri.Co, an eclectic artist that tells the history of the cities through his fine scarfs. The precious textiles used for Immuro's scarfs represents the cities' walls with their beauty, the colors, the fragments and the shadows.  Next to Design Pieces, Novacolor will display also the photographic exibition ThankYouShow curated by the photographer Gianluca Cisternino and dedicated to the ten protagonists, decorators, architects and designers that, in the last years, have given value to Novacolor decorative finishes, thanks to their creativity: The architects Alessandro Agrati, Cristiano Bonesso, Alessandro Marchelli, Carolina Nisivoccia; the designer Lucy Salamanca; the Italian decorators Michele Ceravone and Massimo Giuliani, the Serbian Nikola Crnogorac, the Dutch Patrick Van Riemsdijk and the Moroccan Hoecein Zouhri.

Novacolor at Biennale of Architecture - Venezia Pavillon

28 May – 27 November 2016 15th International Architecture Exhibition - Venezia Pavillon   “UP! Marghera on stage” Novacolor, the story of color   Color has always been the protagonist of worldwide architecture. Colors and shapes are the sign of human creativity, a speachless story about the current status of the society.  The path created by the new edition of the Biennale of Architecture in the Venezia Pavillon - focused on the recovery of those parts of the city left in decay such as the industrial area of Marghera - is for Novacolor a new occasion to tell a story throughout the color.  In the last years, Novacolor has been partner of many other important events, internationally recognized. To mention some of the most recent, the latest Biennale of Architecture curated by the famous U.S. Architect Libeskind; Superdesign Show during Milan Design Week, HOMI exhibition in Milan. To decorate Casa Tre Oci during the exhibition dedicated to the famous photographer Helmut Newton (7 April - 7 August 2016), Novacolor has selected the most modern colors of MATmotion. During Milan Design Week Novacolor organized the ThakYou Show dedicated to all the architects and applicators working with Novacolor products.   The distinguishing features of Novacolor's plasters and decorative paint effects create powerful design and sophisticated spaces. Not only walls but works of art, cutting-edge interior and exterior decors with trend-setting architectural volumes. Design in now “available” and affordable for everyone, with a new concept of recycling that respects history and architecture.  Both traditional and contermporary, MATmotion by Novacolor interprets the English tradition mixed with the Italian taste. MATmtoion is a super matt emulsion, washable, anti-drop with low emissions of volatile compounds, indicated for interior walls and floors.

Novacolor at materials village presents #thankyoushow photo exhibition dedicated to color leaders

From April 12 to 17 Novacolor exhibits in his space in Materials Village of Superstudiopiù Art Garden in via Tortona 27, his photographic exhibition ThankYouShow curated by photographer Gianluca Cisternino and dedicated to the ten protagonists, decorators, architects and designers, who in these recent years have, thanks to their creativity, valorised the Novacolor decorative finishes. The exhibition is an artistic acknowledgement to five decorators and five professionals who in recent years thanks to their work, their creativity and vision have helped to enhance the Novacolor products, giving, in some occasions, new ideas to the company to consider for new decorative proposals for the market. Novacolor thanks the architects Alessandro Agrati, Cristiano Bonesso, Alessandro Marchelli, Carolina Nisivoccia; the designer Lucy Salamanca; the Italian decorators Ceravone Michele and Massimo Giuliani, the Serb Nikola Crnogorac and the Dutch Patrick Van Riemsdijk and Hoecein Zouhri. The digital display will liven up the exhibition space, with new products and new trends for the interior, like the textural CalceCruda and Archi+ Concrete or oxidized rust effects Zeus and IRONic. #DesignForThePeople is the new concept created by Novacolor color designers for 2016. The spaces are enriched; the volumes are open and interpret different personalities, all trendy. No more walls, but works of art, decorative complements and outstanding architectural structures. Design becomes available, a right for all people. The concept of "recuperation" back in a leading way, in line with history and architecture. In a sign of the contemporary classic, Novacolor present CalceCruda, the new flagship product of 2016: contemporary surfaces made with traditional techniques thanks to a versatile and hypoallergenic material, composed of clay and natural aggregates allowed to air dry, mixed by Novacolor to get the best color quality, tactile and functional. Among the leading products of Novacolor, we have "concrete” and "oxidized" effect finishes. Novacolor will be present in Rho Fiera always at Materials Village space, but also in Scic Cucine d'Italia booth in Milan downtown in several showrooms. It is not the first time that Novacolor, company of San Marco Group, supports cultural initiatives proposed by Casa dei Tre Oci. After the successful exhibition dedicated to Salgado in 2014, products created by Novacolor color designers become the protagonists of the evocative exhibition dedicated to Helmut Newton held from April 7 to August 7, 2016: "Photographs, White Women / Sleepless Nights / Big Nudes" that presents, for the first time in Venice, more than 200 images of one of the most important and celebrated photographers of the Twentieth century. The exhibition, curated by Matthias Harder and Denis Curti, organized by Civita Tre Venezie in cooperation with the Helmut Newton Foundation, is the result of a project launched in 2011 by the will of June Newton, widow of the great photographer. The exhibition gathers images of White Women, Sleepless Nights and Big Nudes, the first three of Newton's books published in the late '70s, now considered legendary and unique volumes curated by the same Newton. Selecting the pictures, Newton puts in sequence, one beside the other, the shots made for patrons with those freely made for himself, building a narrative in which the search for style, the discovery of the elegant gesture underlying the existence a further reality, a story that is the viewer to interpret. Novacolor cure with fitters the entire exhibition area with a selection of its best products. The exhibition in Venice will be more opportunity for Novacolor customers arriving for the Salone del Mobile in Milan.