Palácio Condes de Murça


Awarded Building of the Year 2018 for Industrial Architecture

Gebiet: 13000 m²

Händle: Tecnologias de Revestimento, Portugal



Located between the Atlantic sea and the mouth of river Tago, Lisbon is the Portuguese capital, known for the special light and hospitality. 

 Palácio Condes de Murça, in Rua Santos-o-Velho, the historical center of the city, was recently renovated; a project developed by Manuel and Francisco Aires Mateus and Frederico Valsassina with the cooperation of the project leader Helga Constantino, the special engineers of AFA Consult, the landscape designers of PROAP and the constructor Alves Ribeiro. 

 The works done followed two main guidelines: to restore the existing building and chapel; to build up a new construction. The outside garden, in common between the two buildings, was enhanced as well. Thanks to the works done with this restoring project, the palace returned to its original identity: the facades, previously modified by various interventions, were restored to their original disposition. The several discontinue units, built up throughout the years, was replaced by new volumes at the borders of the lot. 

 Among Novacolor products, Marmorino KS – mineral plaster for interiors and exteriors with a smooth satin effect, was the one chosen for this prestigious project. Marmorino KS is limed-based and, thanks to its excellent workability, permits to achieve soft and vibrant colored effects that reminds to the classical “Marmorino Veneziano”.