Novacolor at HOMI Milan with the new capsule collection "Design Pieces"



A tailor-made collection of decorative panels with a special radiative technology to heat the surface



From the 16th to the 19th of September, at Rho Milan, Novacolor will be one of the protagonist of HOMI, the event dedicated to design and Italian lifestyle. 

This edition, within HOMISPHERE space, Novacolor will launch the new capsule collection “Design Pieces”, tailor-made boards decorated with the most innovative textures and characterized by an electrical radiative system to heat the surface. 

The boards, decorated with Novacolor metallic finishes and traditional lime textures,can be purchased and customized according to the customer requests. Thanks to the partnership with Magister, leading company for the development and the promotion of new technologies, the boards have an electrical radiative system to heat the surface. A perfect match between design and modern technology. 

The boards can be purchased in three different measures: 200x100 cm, 140x140 cm and 140x 80 cm.

Like in the two past editions, Novacolor will decorate also HOMI CLASS area, the space designed by Salamanca Design that showcases the excellences of the best Italian interior design manufacturers. An elegant set up to create a “new classical” atmosphere with Animamundi and Celestia_Wall Painting as the main protagonists. The rooms within HOMI CLASS are decorated with Marblestone, Luce_Wall Painting, Visionnaire Blade, Dune e MATmotion, all of them from the traditional Novacolor finishes. 


We look forward to meeting you at HOMISPHERE - hall 10 and at HOMI CLASS - hall 6, HOMI Milan Rho.