Housing Fair Finland, with Novacolor to improve the quality of housing


Novacolor is at 2018 Housing Fair from the 6th of July until the 5th of August in PoriFinland.

The mission of Housing Fair Finland Co-op is to improve the quality of housing and the living conditions in Finland, in co-operation with its partners. This is achieved by providing information about housing issues and promoting industry standards and skills.
Housing Fair showcases the ongoing and future trends in housing industry - a
rchitecture, building, materials, interior design, furnishing, landscaping - and it's the place where housing developers and builders, as well as interior designers and furnishing manufacturers, can introduce their work to a large audience of both professional and privates.
In occasion of Housing Fair, actual houses are built up and decorated, therefore families will move in and live there after the exhibition closes. 

At Housing Fair, Novacolor decorates the house number 23Luoto, with Wall2Floor and Africa decorative paints.

Come and visit us!

Thanks to our partners Dekotuote and Novacolor Suomi.