Novacolor presents the new Joy Revolution Photobook


After two years, Novacolor launches the new PHOTOBOOK a useful marketing tool of 328 pages to be discovered. Inside, the company features the most interesting projects created with a wide range of products. An exciting journey that enhances the best decorative applications from metallics, minerals to concrete and the wide range of colors of the Matt line.

For several years, Novacolor has started a real revolution in the world of color, made of research to obtain a new production system whose environmental impact is minimal and which allows consumers to choose performing and healthy products. Novacolor is an active and constant player in this global movement and was among the first companies to use biomass raw materials and study products that are not only sustainable but also functional to a new concept of living, linked to well-being and awareness.

From this commitment were born formaldehyde-reducing products free of volatile organic compounds such as Puro_Titanium & VOC free, Africa, Antiche Patine, CalceCruda, Dune and Swahili. The company's vision is based on the belief that the decorations have the strength to create design environments thanks to the only distinctive feature of color and materiality. The spaces are enriched, the volumes open and interpret different personalities, all of them trendy. No more walls but works of art, design details and valuable architectural structures.

Novacolor offers products to create environments where mental and physical well-being acquire a priority value. New innovative materials, the result of the most modern research and innovation in the field and developed according to a green approach, which meet traditional processing techniques and create surfaces to tell a all-Italian history. After years of obsessive minimalism, based on volumetric and decorative rigor, the lines return to soften, the corners become smooth, the color is used in a wise way giving again space to gradations, to contaminations. On the basis of these new inputs Novacolor proposes products such as Metallo_Fuso and Archi+ Tadelakt.

Only by caring for nature we defend life and make it more joyful and in harmony with the world... a Joy Revolution is ready to conquer the world!