Novacolor presents its 'Mass Balance Approach' products at Milan Design Week


Africa, Patina Minerale and Puro_Titanium & Voc Free represent the eco-sustainable proposal of Novacolor that, following the green path already started years ago, just signed a prestigious partnership with the chemical company BASF.


From 17 to 22 April, at Milan Design Week 2018, Novacolor will launch the eco-sustainable paints that do not affect the environment, while maintaining the same quality standards as ever.

This is possible thanks to the new Mass Balance approach, a result of the continuous research and innovation of the company. In the formulation of Africa, Patina Minerale and Puro_Titanium & Voc Free, fossil raw materials are replaced with renewable resources coming in particular from the exploitation of biomass.

Biomasses have a biological origin: they are generally waste of agricultural activities, which can be modified through various processes, to obtain fuels or directly electric and thermal energy.
It is therefore a real revolution in the world of paints which will change the habits of consumers by choosing environmental-friendly materials, without reducing the final quality. 

Novacolor, well-known Italian brand for the decorative effects paint sector and reference point for architects, color designers and decorators, chose to manufacture more sustainable products for the environment and for the human beings, with an extreme focus on ecology and on green approach.

At the beginning of 2018, the company decided to move forward with the green approach signing an agreement with BASF, the largest and most famous chemical company worldwide, with whom Novacolor shares research, innovation and ecological values. 

Therefore Novacolor launches into the market the new innovative products: Africa, Puro_Titanium & Voc Free and Patina Minerale.

Africa is a finish for interior decoration based on gentle metallic effects, creating a changeable and pleasant play of light and reflected colors. Africa allows to obtain velvety color solutions and visual and tactile sensations making the rooms surprisingly comfortable. 

Puro_Titanium & Voc Free is an opaque mineral water-based paint for interiors, based on potassium polysilicate, which is odorless and free from volatile organic compounds (VOC) and Formaldehyde.
The product permits to reduce the "carbon footprint", indicating in CO2 equivalent the total of greenhouse gas emissions directly or indirectly associated with a product, an organization or a service. 

This is possible thanks to the use of a special organic binder derived from biomass, measured by the "mass balance approach" process.
Its formulation makes it suitable for application on any type of masonry support and synthetic paints. High breathability and alkaline nature help to preserve surfaces from mold formation.

Antiche Patine - Patina Minerale is a new product, a mineral color wash based on silicates for indoor and outdoor glazing. Customers have the possibility to protect and decorate their walls while using a completely mineral product. 

Novacolor invests on three new products and become the engine of a new journey within the green world associated to the paint segment, with the final goal to contribute to an important change in our society.