Milan Design Week 2018 - A New Romance in Colors


New Romance in Colors is the concept that will be launched by Novacolor during Milan Design Week 2018, from the 17th to the 22nd of April. Romance is the new protagonist of interior design, after years of obsessive minimalism, rigid geometric volumes and decorations. Nowadays lines are soften, corners are rounded, color is used more wisely to create shades and contaminations. A new influence that aims to build and live houses and spaces like a shelter, a temple for the soul where to regenerate and guard the beauty. 

 To present this new romance made of colors and textures, Novacolor chooses the photo camera of Gianluca Cisternino and the styling of Alessandra Salaris with their romantic shooting inspired by nature, where the protagonists are Novacolor products that speak about lime, metal and minerals: Metallo_Fuso, CalceCruda and CalceCruda Intonachino, Archi+ Tadelakt and Mirror. 

CalceCruda, available also in the thick version CalceCruda Intonachino, is one of the most appreciated products by Novacolor, also due to its property of “eating” the formaldehyde: the product helps to make healthier the surrounding environment by reducing the concentration of formaldehyde in the air. Metallo_Fuso is the latest born in Novacolor range: a decorative coating for interiors that turns surfaces into a real metal. Tadelakt is a precious decorative technique, coming from the ancient tradition of Moroccan artisans. Due to its high resistance to water, throughout the centuries tadelakt was used first to waterproof the tanks, and then to decorate bathrooms, facades, hammam and fountains. Novacolor was inspired by this precious material for the new product Archi+ Tadelakt: formulated with hydraulic lime and easy to apply, it permits to create warm and shadowed effects typical of Maghreb architectures. Finally Mirror, is Novacolor lime-base polished plaster for interior decoration. Formulated with seasoned aerial lime, selected inerts and rheological modifiers, it guarantees an excellent workability.