MATmotion - 水性哑光内墙装饰平涂涂料. 低VOC, 零甲醛, 零增塑剂


水性哑光内墙装饰平涂涂料. 低VOC, 零甲醛, 零增塑剂

MATmotion is a water-based matt paint for interiors, anti-drop and professional, ideal for the decoration of walls and ceilings, even in cases of wide surfaces. 
MATmotion permits to achieve particularly matt and uniform effects, and guarantees excellent aestethic results combined with the fast and easy application.
Due to the low VOC emissions during the application, and the absence of formaldehyde and added plasticizers, MATmotion allows a fast re-use of painted buildings. To intensify the features, apply MATmotion with a woolen or microfibre roller.


Diluizione for applications with roller/brush, dilute the first and second layer 10% max. with water. For applications with airless, the dilution varies depending on the kind of tool and the pressure
Resa 5-6 m²/l in 2 layers