Novacolor launches

A month after the presentation of the mysterious Novacolor Black Box, Wall2Floor returns with a new digital project. The website  - entirely dedicated to the multi-layer system for the decoration of seamless walls and floors – is now online.  The website is aimed to meet all the requests: not only those coming from architects and final users who look for a revolutionary product, but also and above all, the requests of masters of decoration that need a reference point for their projects. A tutorial video will guide them step-by-step in the application of Wall2Floor, like a virtual assistant.  Bilingual, intuitive and mobile-responsive, the new website permits the user to select with a simple click one of the  five Wall2Floor systems  proposed by Novacolor - Urban, Commercial, Office, Outdoor, Wellness – and to choose the type of surface to be applied on among  traditional concrete screed or ceramic/tiles,  and among  horizontal or vertical surfaces.  Once these features are selected, the website provides the user with  a customized tutorial video, chosen among the 36 variants available.  Wall2Floor is the ideal decoration for both old-fashioned and contemporary spaces, offering chromatic solutions with an innovative touch. Wall2Floor gives birth to original and minimal surfaces, reminding to an essential dimension where the real luxury is a  concrete and natural elegance.