Marketing & Merchandising

Novacolor provides to clients, architects, designers and professionals a full set of marketing materials, including specific tools to support sales.
Not just catalogues and colour cards, but specific tools to create Novacolor corners within our partners' showrooms and retail shops: totems, panels, stands and retail boxes. Usefull communication tools to guide the clients in the choice of colours and textures.

News 2015

Tailor made, piece of forniture designed by the Italian industrial designer Davide Montanari, specifically targeted for retail shops and architectural studios.


Another tool for retail shops is the MAT-library: an elegant shelf to display MATmotion packaging and colour palette. A design product, target for MATmotion fans: elegant, innovative and dynamic.

Showroom Format

The new Novacolor showroom format is a fusion between product and design, with an extremely emotional approach to design and textures. The layout is very flexible, and allows a great freedom in exposing the different elements, while the white metal supports offer the possibility of a kind of intuitive fixing of panels with magnets.

The use of modules allows to individually determine the number of sample boards to be exposed, while gondolas make it easier to physically touch the textures and compare the numerous finishes available.

The format offers 3 different layouts, according to the size of the showroom:
- Layout 01 - 15m2
- Layout 02 - 30m2
- Layout 03 - 45m2

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Furthermore, to live the passion for colours during work or leasure time: t-shirts, work vests, sweatshirts, bags and camouflage coats.