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Water-based paint with high coverage, for interiors.

Pittura per Interni is a water-based professional paint for interiors, transpirant, made of selected copolymers in water dispersion and special additives. The balanced formulation and the use of selected charges and pigments make of Pittura per Interni an high-hiding paint, easy to apply, ideal for the protection and decoration of old and new plasters. The effect is matt with high hiding power.Pittura per Interni can be applied on:- New and pre-existing plasters made of hydraulic binders;- Concrete substrates;- Gypsum plasters and plasterboards;- Old paints and mineral coatings, dry, absorbent, compact and cohesive.- Absorbent mineral mixes.- Plastic substrates in interiors and old wall paper.
  • Spreading capacity
    3-5 m²/l at 2 coats

  • Thinning
    dilute the first layer with 40-45% of water and the second layer with 30-35% of water