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Base coat for Celestia_Wall Painting and Celestia Finish. High-performance fine paint for interiors and exteriors.

Artic-A is a water-based mural paint for interior and exterior decoration, formulated with strong pigments resistant in outdoors conditions, special additives used to improve its performances and selected mineral charges. The E.B.S. technology (emulsified binding system) confers to the products high penetration and adherence to the substrate. In addition, it makes the product waterproof, elastic and easy to apply.The excellent wash-ability, makes the product particularly suitable for decoration and protection of internal and external mural surfaces. The extra long length of the product allows a considerable saving on maintenance of the treated surfaces on middle- and long- term. ARTIC-A is the base coat of the decorative systems Celestia_Wall Painting and Celestia Finish.
  • Thinning
    dilute the first coat with 30-35% of water and the second coat with 15-20% of water

  • Spreading capacity
    3-6 m²/l