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Decorative textured coating for interiors with a strong materic feel.

Mi-Ku is an acrylic coating for the decoration of interior walls. Mi-Ku allows to achieve a variety of different visual effects, from highly textured to totally smooth. Mi-Ku is made of selected aggregates, synthetic binders, and rheological modifying agents, which help create an easy to apply material. Mi-Ku is available in one base, to tint with Novacolor tinting system, “Mixcolor 2010”.“THE CITYVISION” concept identifies in Mi-Ku the most innovative element, ideal for the decoration of modern and valuable interior surfaces.With different application procedures, Mi-Ku can be used on:- Mortars- Pre-mixed, new fine plasters- Pre-existing lime plasters- Gypsum boards- Pre-existing synthetic and mineral paints- Mineral conglomerates, as long as absorbing.
Colour range
  • Spreading capacity
    1,5-2,5 sqm/l per 2 coats