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Exterior acrylic keycoat.

Novafund 130 is an intermediate filler made of water-based acrylic and styrene copolymer, selected quartz sands and aggregates, titanium dioxide and rheological modifiers to ensure high workability. The application of Novafund 130 permits to achieve micro coating able to fill any small irregularities and micro-craks on the surface.Novafund 130 is suitable for different type of substrate thanks to to its high adhesion properties. It is recommended for:

  • facades with no moulding protection and with high exposure to atmospheric agents.

  • New renderings or plasters

  • Pre-existing lime plasters if properly sealed;

  • Concrete or prefab surfaces;

  • Spreading capacity
    1,5-2 m²/l

  • Thinning
    ready for use, max 5% with water.