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Matt water-based dilutable primer for exterior and interior use, formulated with acrylic resins

Fondo Universale is a water-based primer for interiors and exteriors, based on acrylic resins in water dispersion. Fondo Universale can be applied on various kind of substrates, including undercoat preparations for decorative and protective cycle in exteriors. Fondo Universale is the ideal key coat for the application of decorative finishes on unconventional substrates.The product is suitable for exterior and interior use and can be applied on:- New, old or previously varnished woodwork; (doors, skirting boards, beams, panels, etc.)- Any other article made from wood requiring either professional or DIY painting.- Non-anodized aluminum and galvanized surfaces.- On masonry in houses, business premises, hospitals, for civil use in general.- On plastic materials and PVC.The product can NOT BE PAINTED OVER with nitrocellulosebased products, or products thinned with nitro thinner. Pay ATTENTION to the treatment of woods rich in tannin. To prevent the formation of unaesthetic dark stains apply specific primer.
  • Spreading capacity
    4-5 m²/l at 2 coats

  • Thinning
    for application by brush and roller dilute at 5-10% with water. For application by spray-gun dilute at 15-20% with water