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Interior and exterior wall sealer based on microemulsions

DECOFIX is a water-based solvent-free insulating product with high penetration performances. Due to its special formulation, Decofix is highly suitable for the impregnation and consolidation of interior and exterior surfaces. Formulated with polymers with very fine particles, Decofix ensures an high penetrating performance able to consolidate chalky walls surfaces covered with several layers of old paint. Due to its performances and considering its extremely low VOC emission, Decofix is a valid alternative solution to traditional solvent-base sealers. Isolating the surface, Decofix improves the cohesion and make uniform the absorption of the surface creating a perfect anchor for the subsequent layers of paint.Decofix can be applied-on:- Insulating system surfaces- New and pre-existing plasters based-on hydraulic binders- Concrete surfaces- Gypsum plaster and plasterboard surfaces.- Old paints and organic or mineral coatings, dry, compact, absorbent and cohesive- Various absorbent mineral conglomerates.Surfaces should be adequately prepared following the procedures and instructions of the paragraph ‘SUBASTRATE PREPARATION AND APPLICATION'.
  • Spreading capacity
    8-18 sqm/l per coat

  • Thinning
    on gypsum and plasterboards 50-100%. On plasters, levelling products for thermal insulating system and on chalky walls and old paints 100-200%. On concrete surfaces 200-300%