MATMOTION EGGY - Water dilutable eggshell finish for interiors


Water dilutable eggshell finish for interiors

MATmotion Eggy is a water-based eggshell finish for interiors, easy to apply and fast-drying. Due to the low VOC emissions during the application, and the absence of formaldehyde and added plasticizers, MATmotion Eggy allows a fast re-use of painted buildings.
MATmotion Eggy is the idean finish for doors, fixtures, moldings, frames, baseboards and furniture. The application of MATmotion Eggy guarantees to the surfaces higher hardness, resistance to abrasion, resistance to scratches, anti-blocking, easy cleaning.
MATmotion Eggy can be applied on:- Old or new woodworks- Painted woodworks- Metals, previously treated- Plastic (PVC), previously treated.The surfaces have to be properly prepared, following the procedure described in the paragraph ‘SUBSTRATE PREPARATION AND APPLICATION'.



Thinning for applications with roller / brush, diluted the first and second layer max. 5-10% in volume, with water. For applications with airless, dilute 15%, with water
Spreading capacity 12-14 m²/l per coat