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Highly permeable and water repellent low-thickness exterior siloxane pait, anti-mould.

NOVASIL F is an exterior finishing coat made of water-based acrylic-siloxane resins, covering inerts and anti-mould agents, formulated the protection of exterior walls.NOVASIL F guarantees the following performances:- water repellence- permeability to water vapour- high washability- resistance to atmospheric and polluting agents- resistance to the alkaline environment typical of concrete and plaster coatsNOVASIL F is highly recommended on:- New and pre-existing plasters made of hydraulic binders- Concrete surfaces- Old paints and organic or mineral coatings, dry, absorbent and compact- Various mineral substrates, only if absorbent
Colour range
  • Spreading capacity
    4-5 m²/l at 2 coats

  • Thinning
    dilute the first coat with approximately 35-40% of water. The second coat must be diluted with 20-25% of water if applied with brush or with 10-15% of water if applied with woolen roller