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Water-repellent, siloxane highly permeable coating for interiors and exteriors, anti-mould.

Intosil Fine is an anti-mould acrylic-siloxane plaster coating for exteriors, fine grain (0,3-0,7 mm), made of styrene-acrylic copolymers in water dispersion, siloxane resins and modifiers, selected marble putties, quartz aggregates and selected antimould agents.Due to the balanced formulation and the use of proper inerts and additives, Intosil Fine is highly recommended for:- New renderings or old plasters- Concrete surfaces- Old paints or dry, compact, absorbent, mineral coatings- Various absorbent mineral substrates- Insulating systems
Colour range
  • Spreading capacity
    1,6-2 kg/sqm per 2 coats

  • Thinning
    ready for use, not to be diluted