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Pigmented acrylic protection for concrete and stone with anticarbonation effects, CE marked complies with the UNI EN1504-2 standard.

Novacem is a special covering satin paint for exterior made of acrylic resins in water dispersion, anti-mould. The product is certified CE and complies with EN 1504-2 which ensures the performance requirements of products for the repairing and protection of concrete. Novacem has an extremely high resistance against chemical and weathering agents. The nature of the binder, the well-balanced formulation and the special additives in it guarantee a strong anti-carbonation protection. Its special formulation and its innovative performances ensure a great protection, anti-carbonation of facades.Novacem is recommended as a protective anti-carbonation solution for concrete and generally for all cement-based plasters.
Colour range
  • Spreading capacity
    6-7 m²/l per coat

  • Thinning
    20% with water max.