SUPERSTUC PASTA - Skim coat plaster for interiors


Skim coat plaster for interiors

Superstuc Pasta is a water-based skim coat product that is ideal for the direct leveling of interior surfaces, new or old, such as plaster coat, concrete and wood. Also indicated for leveling moderate cracks and depressions. Simple and ready to use. The product is applied in thin overlying layers.
Superstuc Pasta can be applied on:
- New and old plasters based on hydraulic binders
- Concrete surfaces
- Gypsum and gypsumboard surfaces
- Old paints and wall coatings that are organic or mineral in nature, dry, compact, absorbent and cohesive
- Mineral conglomerates of various kinds, as long as they are absorbent
- Interior wooden surfaces, before the application of a paint coating system.


Spreading capacity 4-6 m²/kg per coat
Thinning ready to use