MATmotion Color Trends 2021

Per tutti noi i colori sono gioia, per Novacolor i colori sono rivoluzione, per le emozioni che riescono a trasmettere e le sensazioni che fanno vivere. Novacolor ha selezionato sei colorazioni della linea  MATmotion  che esprimono proprio questo, una rivoluzione gioiosa che vuole migliorare il nostro futuro e riportare armonia ed equilibrio dentro e fuori i nostri spazi abitativi e di socializzazione. I Color Trend MATmotion 2021 sono: Globe - MM161 : il colore della pace, della purificazione, di un nuovo inizio. Le sensazioni del bianco rimandano alla purezza, incoraggiano l'ordine, la chiarezza mentale. In questa variante è reso più caldo da una punta di materia naturale e trova la sua dimensione sia nelle linee del moderno design sia in ambienti più classici. Ophelia - MM165 : un colore che trasmette affetto, amore e protezione, che ha influenza sui sentimenti convertendoli in gentili, soavi e profondi. Il rosa è anche il simbolo della speranza, un colore positivo che incute un senso di sicurezza e di ottimismo vero il futuro. Un colore che calma gli istinti primitivi e attenua i sentimenti di rabbia. Falstaff - MM169 : colore associato al calore, al vigore, alla salute e simbolo dell’armonia interiore, dell’accoglienza, del tepore e dell’incoraggiamento. Induce calma, risveglia l’attenzione, stimola a parlare ed ascoltare. È consigliabile il suo utilizzo per tinteggiare le pareti degli ambienti in cui si parla e si accolgono le persone. Cleo - MM173 : una sfumatura medio scura di giallo che aiuta a dare luminosità agli spazi più bui e che evoca piacevoli sensazioni, associate alla dolcezza del miele. Grazie alla vicinanza cromatica con l’elegante e prezioso oro, rende gli ambienti chic e leggermente sfarzosi. Ippolita - MM177 : colore verde oliva che prende il nome dall’omonimo minerale che ha un potere calmante sul sistema nervoso e riduce lo stress. È una tinta rilassante, elegante e distensiva che dona vivacità e briosità agli spazi domestici. Tybald - MM181 : Un colore che ricorda il cielo e le vaste distese d’acqua. Fin dall’antichità legato all’elevatezza d'animo e ai buoni sentimenti. Come simbolo dell’acqua è un colore che pulisce, nutre , rinfresca, purifica, trasforma le sostanze dissolvendole, le rende mescolabili. MATmotion Color Trends : i colori dell'anno per Novacolor.

Novacolor opens a new "social" Showroom in Milan

In the street Corso Garibaldi 91 , in the heart of Brera district in Milan, Novacolor boutique company opens a space completely dedicated to color and decorative effects. Thanks to the participation, during the 2019 edition of the Fuorisalone, in the DOS project, Design Open' Spaces - realized by Re.rurban and Emilio Lonardo studios in collaboration with the Municipality of Milan and with the patronage of  Politecnico di Milano Design school - Novacolor had the chance to renovate a forgotten and disused urban space owned by the Municipality of Milan. This space – decorated by Novacolor with the warm earth colors of CalceCruda , Verderame_Wall Painting , MATmotion , Archi+ Pietra and, for the floors, Wall2Floor – has now been officially awarded to Novacolor by the Municipality of Milan, thanks to a training project for the weakest groups, which represents the concrete commitment the company is putting into the social sphere. Novacolor will not only renew the space, which has been inactive for a year now after the Fuorisalone experience, but will also return it to the city in the new guise of social showroom, where it will start a training project through which the best decorators and color experts of Novacolor will make available their professionalism to teach a new trade to categories in difficulty, dramatically increasing after the economic and social consequences of the ongoing pandemic. A concrete example of how private enterprise can collaborate with institutions and universities.

Seamless lines and colorful surfaces with Wall2Floor

The revolution in workspaces signed by AD Architecture  and  One Design Office . Seamless lines and colorful surfaces with Wall2Floor "The purpose of a revolution is not to define the end result, but to make change the way to the result"  claims the Chinese designer  Huson  of  One-Design Office  studio, who collaborated with  AD Architecture  studio directed by  Xie Peihe  for the realization of Novacolor showroom in Dongguan, in Guangdong province in China. The increasingly widespread philosophy in Chinese design world is that offices and work areas must transcend the boundaries between individuals and space, as it is necessary to humanize interiors to redefine the shape of the office space. YISEN office, the modern working hub designed by AD Architecture, is located in a highly industrialized area nearby the mouth of Pearl River and is the result of a redevelopment project of a disused industrial area. The main goal was to turn an anonymous place into a functional work space, highly appealing for Chinese young generations.  Aiming to create a stimulating working space, free from rules, lines and boundaries, Huson chose  Wall2Floor , the seamless mineral coating for walls and floors, designed and manufactured by Novacolor, leading Italian company in the decoration segment. Wall2Floor is a multi-layered system that allows to achieve jointless surfaces, perfectly in accordance with the concept of freedom that the designer wants to express in the project. The blue shade chosen for Wall2Floor blends with the red lights and shadows of the office; colors are used to define the space and to change humans’ perceptions, creating a bright environment with a strong personality, composed by several offices-spaces that are both conceived as independent and integrated to the others. A revolutionary project that - thanks to the use of a versatile contemporary product such as  Wall2Floor , in this specific case made even more high-standing because of the electric blue shade that was chosen - modifies traditions, redefines the work space and find its balance between post-industrial and modern architecture. Wall2Floor is a seamless mineral system for the decoration of walls and floors both indoor and outdoor. Available in 5 different versions for the specific destinations of use: Urban, Commercial, Office, Outdoor, Wellness. Wall2Floor is the ideal solution for the upgrading of abandoned areas and the renewal of daily use spaces.

Florenzia by Novacolor

The slaked lime coating from the Italian tradition, natural and ecological. Novacolor has recently launched a new product that responds perfectly to the ever-increasing needs of families, and consequently of architects and decorators, for a totally natural and ecological solution. Florenzia is a mineral coating formulated with seasoned slaked air lime for the decoration of interior walls, completely free of toxic substances so as to ensure healthier environments and greater psychophysical well-being. The product was inspired by the great architects of the past such as Vitruvio and Palladio, or the exponents of the twentieth century such as Carlo Scarpa. The application of Florenzia makes it possible to create high quality, glossy effect decorations in vibrant tones, with a touch of heritage that reminds on the great buildings of the past. Slaked lime is in fact an ancient product. Already the Romans and the Phoenicians had learned to use lime as a building material, mixed with sand to form the mortar. Vitruvio, in his work De architectura, describes its production from white stones, baked in kilns (calcareous) where they lose weight (now we know as a result of the release of carbon dioxide). The material obtained, the quicklime, was then “extinguished” by throwing it into tanks full of water. Initially used in the form of “air lime” (which only hardens when in contact with air), it was later mixed with pieces of cooked clay (tableware, bricks etc.) or pozzolana, a sand rich in silica, which alter its characteristics of resistance and waterproofness, but above all allow it to be taken even in environments not in contact with air (typically underwater). Thus the “hydraulic coatings” were born, although based on air lime. The technical and aesthetic properties of lime paints, such as chemical-physical efficiency, breathability, compatibility with the substrate, softness of tones, richness and brilliance of the chromatic components, compared with those of other types of wall paints, have always been known and, even today, are the object of great attention. The lime dispersed in water until it reaches the aspect of cow's milk represents the oldest, cheapest and most noble finishing system of architectural surfaces, both internal and external. The lime dyes also allow the creation of a rich “color mix”, using inorganic pigments (natural earths) and mineral oxides such as those of the range Le Terre di Novacolor, a selection of ochres, earths, brown oxides and pigments of mineral origin, finely ground, characterized by resistance to alkalinity and light. Coloring Florenzia with Le Terre di Novacolor, you achieve aesthetic effects with a natural appearance and with vibrant, deep tones. Florenzia has all the best characteristics of the ancient slaked lime with the addition of modern technical components that make the product highly performing and high-quality.

Novacolor per Casa das Freiras con Archi+ Concrete

Archi + Concrete protagonist of a new project signed by Mario Martins' studio. After the sophisticated project by Zauia House, the Portuguese architectural firm Mario Martins presents another residential work created with Novacolor's Archi+ Concrete. This is the redevelopment of a former car repair shop in the historic center of Lagos. The building is surrounded by a high wall that tells stories of occupations over the centuries and acts as a barrier on the road. Afterlife lives the ancient tranquility of a house with ancient Moorish features. The four bedrooms open onto the garden, a central courtyard which is a source of natural light and, above all, a privileged area for intensely experiencing the outdoor space. In addition to the four bedrooms, other spaces have been created such as the large living room with kitchen, but also the small secluded courtyards and the large patio with garden, organized around the swimming pool. Stimulating emotions with architecture is the key to Mario Martins’ work, Portuguese architect from Lagos, who has always transformed space into a concrete entity, so even emptiness becomes matter. The few surfaces of this house have all been treated with Novacolor's Archi+ Concrete to accentuate the sobriety of the building and to obtain the articulation of the gray cladding, such as natural stone on the floors and plasterboard on the ceilings. Archi+ Concrete is a mineral plaster coat in powder for interiors. It is made of well-seasoned hydrated lime putties, white cement, specific aggregates and rheological modifiers carefully selected to ensure an excellent workability. The particular grain curve of Archi+ Concrete and the possibility to overlap it with one or more layers of Fase Silossanica, acrylsiloxane colour wash (matt), ensures to achieve cutting-edge elegant concrete effects, in line with the newest trends in the interior design. Archi+ Concrete permits to achieve post-industrial concrete-look textures, with elegant soft colour washing shades. The thickness of Archi+ Concrete ensures high protection performances on the substrate where it is applied-on. The use of this kind of product has made it possible to create a project with a strongly sculptural character in geometric shapes, which plays with the clean cuts that allow light to pass through and at the same time underline the beauty of these architectures - sculptures.

Novacolor presents the new Joy Revolution Photobook

After two years, Novacolor launches the new PHOTOBOOK a useful marketing tool of 328 pages to be discovered. Inside, the company features the most interesting projects created with a wide range of products. An exciting journey that enhances the best decorative applications from metallics, minerals to concrete and the wide range of colors of the Matt line. For several years, Novacolor has started a real revolution in the world of color, made of research to obtain a new production system whose environmental impact is minimal and which allows consumers to choose performing and healthy products. Novacolor is an active and constant player in this global movement and was among the first companies to use biomass raw materials and study products that are not only sustainable but also functional to a new concept of living, linked to well-being and awareness. From this commitment were born formaldehyde-reducing products free of volatile organic compounds such as Puro_Titanium & VOC free, Africa, Antiche Patine, CalceCruda, Dune and Swahili. The company's vision is based on the belief that the decorations have the strength to create design environments thanks to the only distinctive feature of color and materiality. The spaces are enriched, the volumes open and interpret different personalities, all of them trendy. No more walls but works of art, design details and valuable architectural structures. Novacolor offers products to create environments where mental and physical well-being acquire a priority value. New innovative materials, the result of the most modern research and innovation in the field and developed according to a green approach, which meet traditional processing techniques and create surfaces to tell a all-Italian history. After years of obsessive minimalism, based on volumetric and decorative rigor, the lines return to soften, the corners become smooth, the color is used in a wise way giving again space to gradations, to contaminations. On the basis of these new inputs Novacolor proposes products such as Metallo_Fuso and Archi+ Tadelakt. Only by caring for nature we defend life and make it more joyful and in harmony with the world... a Joy Revolution is ready to conquer the world!