Novacolor Ambassadors




Novacolor Ambassador - the international award for architects, interior designers and master decorators who better represent Novacolor’s materials and creativity - has reached now the third edition. 


Also this year, Novacolor Ambassador project livens up the world of decoration; the Italian color boutique has chosen personalities from across the world in the design industry and in the decoration segment that better interpret its values: bravery, innovation and elegance.

The ten awarded professionals come from different Countries: the architects Alberto Clementi (Italy), Maria Eliana Madonia (Italy) and Barbara Sansonetti (Italy), the interior designer Duan Hong (China); the master decorators Orges Hallunovi(Albania), John Mulder (Netherlands), Andy Robinson (UK), Gian Carlo Sagasti (USA), Stefan Van Suetendael (Belgium) and, in the new category Young Talents, Dario Tripi (Italy).

The ambassadors where the protagonists of an exclusive shooting in Milan, signed by the photographer Gianluca Cisternino and the make-up artist Antonia Deffenu. During the exhibition “999 questions about the contemporary living” at the Triennale, the Modern Arts’ Museum in Milan, the ambassadors where interviewed about their lives, and their relationship with color and with Italy.

The Novacolor Ambassadors will be protagonists also at Milan Design Week 2018: also this year, the ambassadors will be presented to the public in the dedicated website and in the tabloid, renovated with the new photos, information and all the news related to Novacolor world.

The social networks, the contemporary communication tools, have seen the creation of a network of passionate professionals that share every day ideas and advises: Novacolor Ambassadors Group, a new Facebook group with over 639 members, recently born as an extension of the existing Facebook page Novacolor Ambassadors, that nowadays count 4157 likes.

With these fast ways of sharing multimedia, Novacolor brand grows and lives all over the world, creating fruitful contacts between different artistic styles, and increasing the creativity and competence of the “Novacolor Family”.

Novacolor Ambassadors 2018 

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